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29-Mar-2020 04:40

I’m not sure what to do here and I’m not sure what I expect, exactly, to get out of this except some other perspectives so here goes. For a good part of our relationship, I acted as a stand-in parent. We have been very happy, and have had a relatively happy and healthy relationship.Reaching that goal won’t happen overnight, but it begins with a series of small steps starting at the top—by organizations taking a look at themselves and developing policies that put their fundraisers and staff first.No donation—and no donor—is worth taking away an individual’s respect and self-worth while turning a blind eye to harassment.His home life growing up was terrible, with an absent mother and a hard-working (but never around) father.I have pushed him to get his GED, a great job, go to college, etc.The organization’s actions should be guided by written policies that have been discussed and approved by the board, as noted above.

Instead, they may want to have another staff member join them when meeting with the donor, or simply have a record of the harassment so that—if the inappropriate behavior were to become more serious or pervasive—there would be documentation of the issue.While specific situations of inappropriate behavior may call for differing protocols and responses, there is no question that nonprofit organizations have a responsibility to their staff to support them in of inappropriate donor behavior.Never should a fundraiser be asked to tolerate inappropriate behavior “for the good of the cause” (or any other reason).This includes the following: At the risk of stating the obvious, organizations must acknowledge that—when it comes to preventing sexual harassment of employees—there are many things that are out of the organization’s control.

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This is not, however, a rationale for an organization to throw its hands up in defeat, as though there was nothing they could do, but instead a case where organizations must be smart and strategic about when, where, and how they do have the ability to exert pressure or control circumstances.Over half are not satisfied with how their organization responded to their allegation of sexual harassment, and one-third (35 percent) have even felt a negative impact on their career through raising their incidents of harassment. In practice, it will look different depending on the severity of the donor’s behavior and should—when possible—take the fundraiser’s preferences into account.

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