Dating an ibanez guitar

16-Sep-2019 07:33

For the RG series models it's RG and for S series models S.

For Steve Vai's signature JEM series the code is JEM and for his Universe series it's UV. Most other signature guitars employ a naming convention using the artist's initials followed with an M (presumably standing for Model), for example see Paul Gilbert's PGM line.

These models are identified by a prefix on the model number exclusive to each retailer.

Some of these retailer codes are: Note that some models may have more than one of these series code suffixes (e.g. For the Iron Label series introduced in 2013, models are given a two character identifier after the series code and before the number.

For guitars of recent vintage, the model number is often stamped or painted on the reverse of the instrument's headstock.

Some cases where this occurs include: In some cases Ibanez produces spot models which are for sale exclusively by particular retailers in Japan.

These include: The specific model number, usually 3 or 4 digits, defines the model and its place within the series.

There is a certain system for the model numbers, but it suffers from all kinds of exceptions. For the S series (including derivatives), it has been fully implemented since 2001, although it already has been used for some models introduced since 1987.

The first one to three letters of a model name generally indicates the series to which that model belongs.

The series code usually is an abbreviation of the series name.Starting in 2014 a new naming convention was added for certain models in the Prestige line.