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Or maybe they have, but they were just too shy to ask. [Read: 30-day sex challenge: 30 positions for 30 days] #14 To watch you pleasure yourself.A lot of women are still reluctant to show their partner how they pleasure themselves, but once you do, you’ll see that it brings your intimacy to a whole new level.If you follow step-by-step guides in this article, you will get the beauty as you want. There are many simple ways and tips on how to be more feminine, but you do not need to wear dresses or a crown to get that look.It is important that you are loyal to your personal preferences and wear what you feel comfortable in.This is like a consecutive winning streak for them. It gives your partner a sense that what he’s doing is pleasuring you, and that makes him feel oh-so-manly.[Read: How to sound sexy in bed and arouse your partner] #7 To come in your mouth.[Read: The sexual role play guide for beginners] #20 Your appreciation for his effort. [Read: What men like in women more than anything else] It can be frustrating to try to read his mind in the bedroom.Who knew that simply saying “thank you” could elicit a boatload of affection from guys? If your guy is shy about asking for what he wants in bed, give these surefire suggestions a shot.

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If you’re getting frustrated or bored in bed because he’s not telling you what he desires, give these 20 foolproof guy-pleasers a try. Let’s admit that no latex company has ever come close to inventing a condom that feels exactly like human flesh.No man has ever rejected the idea of coming inside a woman’s mouth and watching her swallow every last drop.