Dating at midlife single

16-Nov-2019 05:33

If you’re a senior single in your 50s, in addition to your desire for a new life mate, you want to add more new friends to your circle.If you’re single in your 50s, that means you no longer have a spouse to take you to and from a doctor’s appointment when you need it.They want to throw a winky face, arrange to meet, and let Mother Nature take it from there.Women seem to be drawn more to the fancy paid sites, which ask question after question.People in the time of midlife have all been around the block of life a few times themselves now.

Plus these sites seem safer because you “know” someone before you meet. You are delivered a package of information with no idea how to separate the truth from the lies.

What about that time you had a spill on your motorcycle?

If you’re without a mate, you’re on your own to get home from the hospital.

Set up a birthday party for your child The year following a divorce is tricky because you have a lot of “firsts” that you must learn how to manage.

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Your first Christmas morning without your child under your roof.

I tell my single and searching friends to tell everyone they know they’re looking to meet someone–it’s much like finding a job–and to get out and live their life to the fullest. If they’re offering a ring too quickly, get out of dodge. Jen writes and speaks about women in business, critical thinking, strategic planning and is the author of Engage the Fox: A Business Fable About Thinking Critically and Motivating Your Team.