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06-Oct-2019 17:44

The article le is required in prose except when including the day of the week in a date.When writing a date for administrative purposes (such as to date a document), one can write the date with or without the article.If you read the preceding set of numbers and slashes as June 8, 2015, then you are, without a doubt, as American as baseball, apple pie, and Britney Spears.But that would put you in the minority of the world’s timekeepers, as what Americans consider a standard date format is anything but.

The digits can be confused with either the month or the day. Because of the problem I mentioned above with ‘10 March’, the problem will be especially severe from 2010-2012, a period I call the Age of Maximum Confusion.” It’s not like people hadn’t been trying to solve this problem in the past, though. the International Standards Organization (ISO) came up with a 33-page document describing a standard called “ISO 860”, that states that the international standard for dates is yyyy-mm-dd.

Together, they cited information from 13 references.

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