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Home to one of the last great wilderness areas in the world, Newfoundland and Labrador is the ultimate hunting destination – especially for big game.Whether you’ve got your sights set on moose, rare woodland caribou, black bear, or our ‘Newfoundland Grand Slam’ of big game hunting, you’ve come to the right place.Ribs are well sprung, with the anterior third of the rib cage tapered to allow elbow clearance. The distance from elbow to ground equals about half the dog’s height. Feet are proportionate to the body in size, webbed, and cat foot in type. The adult Newfoundland has a flat, water-resistant, double coat that tends to fall back into place when rubbed against the nap. The rear assembly is powerful, muscular, and heavily boned.

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Later, the territory was divided into the British colonies which were to become American states and Canadian provinces.A good specimen of the breed has dignity and proud head carriage. (Browns and Grays may have lighter eyes and should be penalized only to the extent that color affects expression.) They are relatively small, deep-set, and spaced wide apart. are relatively small and triangular with rounded tips.They are set on the skull level with, or slightly above, the brow and lie close to the head.While much of the inland consists of forests, and there is a good deal of mining in some areas, fishing has been important to the provinces since the first European settlers arrived.

The term the Maritimes is also used, but it does not include Newfoundland since it originated before 1949 when Newfoundland joined Canada.

is strong, broad, and muscular and is level from just behind the withers to the croup. Elbows lie directly below the highest point of the withers.

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