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Distinctive dialects are the Polissya, Volyn, and Podillya dialects of northern and central Ukraine and the western Boyko, Hutsul, and Lemko dialects.

Their characteristics derive from normatively discarded old elements that reappear in dialectic usage.

Assimilation through Ukrainian language is 67 percent for Poles, 45 percent for Czechs, and 33 percent for Slovaks.

As a second language Ukrainian is used by 85 percent of Czechs, 54 percent of Poles, 47 percent of Jews, 43 percent of Slovaks, and 33 percent of Russians.

In medieval Europe cultural boundary codes were based on a native ground demarcation.

Ukraine, with its lexical roots kraj (country) and krayaty (to cut, and hence to demarcate), meant "[our] circumscribed land." The ethnonym Rus was the main self-identification in Ukraine until the seventeenth century when the term Ukraine reappeared in documents.

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Ukrainian language use grew between 19, as evidenced by the increase of Ukrainian schools in multiethnic oblasts.The national flag colors are commonly believed to represent blue skies above yellow wheat fields.