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(Reproduced with permission from [no authors listed] Harvard reports on cancer prevention: causes of human cancer.Center for Cancer Prevention Harvard School of Public Health. 1996;7 (Suppl 1): S3–S4, 1996.) An understanding of the cellular and molecular aspects of the cancer process requires an understanding of the scientific terms involved in defining and describing the pathology of neoplasia (Table 8-1). Both types of lesions are induced by chemical carcinogens.Neoplasia is defined as new growth or autonomous growth of tissue. Benign neoplasms (e.g., adenomas) are lesions characterized by expansive growth, frequently exhibiting slow rates of proliferation that do not invade surrounding tissue or other organs.Benign neoplasms can impair and damage the normal function of an organ through its growth by impeding blood flow.In the United States, cancer ranks as the second leading cause of death, with over 1.68 million new cases of cancer diagnosed and more than 0.6 million Americans dying from cancer annually (Siegel et al., 2016).Multiple causes of cancer have been established including infectious agents, radiation, and chemicals.

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