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She had made me a little cap with a visor and I was very proud of it and of myself.

I picked up a lump of earth in the road and threw it over a stone fence, covered with vines that were red with autumn leaves woodbine or poison-ivy I suppose. The whole scene now grows misty and dim ; but I remember a boat coming to the shore, and out of it stepped John Rucker.

He tried to charge me two hundred seventy-five dollars for a steel engraving, and said I could keep the plate and have others made from it. Others would write about something else, and get their pictures in.

In that way this smooth scoundrel would make thousands of dollars out of people s vanity and he expected me to be one of INTRODUCTION them !

I can never write this as it ought to be written, and for an old farmer with no learning to try to do it may seem impudent, but some time a great genius may come up who will put on paper the strange and splendid story of Iowa, of Monterey County, and of Vandemark Town ship; and when he does write this, the greatest history ever written, he may find such adventures as mine of some use to him.

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Other little boys were whipped just as hard, and still were not afraid of their fathers.

I felt very big, and ran on ahead of my mother until she called to me to stop for fear of my falling into the water. Whether he was then kind or cross to me or to my mother I can not remember.

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