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Born in 2258, she is younger than her friend, the Lone Wanderer. She loves her father dearly and is very loyal to him, but she hopes to change his stance on isolationism.

Amata is the only child of Overseer Alphonse Almodovar and the only childhood friend of the Lone Wanderer. She does not want to defy Alphonse but longs to experience the outside world.

The sort of passionate coupling that only happens when you meet someone whose chemistry meshes perfectly with yours, and your eyes lock, and there’s an instant jolt like you’ve been zapped with a defibrillator, and you have literally no choice but to rip each other’s clothes off ?! All she can do is grit her teeth and continue the charade of being ‘just friends’. This is now the second time he’s done this: got within spitting distance of meeting up, and then found someone else just a nanosecond before she could have her chance. They’ve been chatting for over six months, and have definitely become a ‘thing’.

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Note: I don't recall all spelling of the NPCs1) Megaton: The West girl who sent you out on the quest to find her family at that Arefu town.Lucy’s still in Kenya, where she’s rekindled her text romance with Ben, the charming lad from Wiltshire who slid into her Twitter DMs more than six months ago. Lucy feels like John Hurt, anxiety clawing at her stomach like an alien pregnancy. Two: maybe Bumble girl turned out to be a psychopath, and she spiked his drink, took him home and now has him tied to a bed in her basement like Kathy Bates in Misery. But Lucy’s new-found optimism is swiftly shot down, crumpling to the floor like a pheasant at a country shoot. After all, she can’t really blame him: if the roles had been reversed, she’d probably have gone on the date too. And she wants to be happy for Ben, she really does. Right now she doesn’t even want to be friends with him, and there’s no fucking way she’s going to be anyone’s backup option.