Dating family photos lenore frost

12-Sep-2019 08:46

If yes, then you can try and find the photographer on the catalogue, in the books Australians behind the camera, or The mechanical eye in Australia, or simply on Google. Some photographic techniques disappeared as new technology superceded them.

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Then broaden further and search for views of the suburb.Choose the A good way to search for images of towns, streets, gardens, public and private buildings is to start with specific terms, then broaden your search if you have no luck.For example, if you’re searching for a named property in a particular suburb, start by the name - eg Villa Alba.There are descriptions and a chart at the back of the book with date ranges covering when particular techniques were used. What people are wearing in the photo also helps date it.

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Dating family photos by Lenore Frost is a particularly helpful book.Just to make the task a bit trickier, sometimes a photograph will have been re-photographed at a later period, so that the characteristics of the type of photo and the photographers’ name will be quite misleading.