Dating for shy lesbians

17-Jan-2020 09:27

” is a clear-cut invite that she can say yes or no to.

How do you talk to another girl if you are shy and perhaps inexperienced in the lezzer dating world? The first thing to understand is that we tend to be a threat to men. Finally, don’t say, “I like you, but I’m not sure I am a lesbian” – she will be offended. It is great being a lesbian, and even better when you have others in your life to keep reminding you so.

Most people want companionship, but the urge to avoid the anxiety that accompanies dating often derails one’s desire to jump into the dating scene.

Conquering your shyness is about "testing the waters." · Make a list of specific behaviors that make you feel shy (ie: saying hello, making eye contact, etc) when engaging with another woman.

· Rate your anxiety level on a scale of 1-10 (10 being highest).

For example, your list might look like this: · Smiling and making eye contact (4) · Saying Hi (5) · Asking her 1 question (6) · Asking her what she does in her free time (7) After making the list, test out one of the behaviors.

Dating for shy women can feel like navigating a tough mudder competition; initially agonizing with lots of electric fences and freefalls along the way.

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To be successful at online dating, you need to pick the right dating site for you.

She’d spent her early 20s in the closet and now felt like a novice starting over again as a lesbian. Some people think the dating rule book is different for lesbians, but, really, dating is dating no matter the sexual orientation or gender identity of the person sitting across from you.

In our busy world, it can be pretty difficult to find a potential partner due to that so many people spend most of their time working.… continue reading »

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