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03-Aug-2020 17:47

Through a combination of lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice, you’ll learn the best methods for achieving accurate and beautiful fretwork like that in the best professional fret level and dress. Take this immersive two-day workshop to experience spec'ing and building your own custom guitar.Not only will you learn soldering skills, electronics assembly, body/neck assembly and our setup process, butyou'll also leave having built your new favorite guitar. Elements of Style When I initially pulled the curvy bass out of the included hardshell case, the instrument that was revealed just didn’t quite shout Gibson.The new body shape for the EB—which the company says draws inspiration from their SG—actually has little resemblance to other basses with the EB moniker.Next we tackled the body, which was also in desperate need of a cleaning.This was a fairly straightforward procedure, but still requires some finesse and quite a bit of elbow grease.The first order of business was to get the funk off the neck and body.We were up against a THICK layer of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells (eww! We very carefully removed all the funk from the fretboard, keeping the chisel flat against the board and cutting against the grain – we didn’t want to dig into the rosewood underneath.

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We use heat shrink tubing on all the connections, reinforcing all the connections to ensure against any possible breakage. This bass came in looking super funky, but left with some major mojo. LEARN TO DO WHAT WE DO- Whether you want to learn basic guitar setup or advance your current repair skills, we have a variety of Guitar Repair, Maintenance, and Guitar Building classes to choose from!

This class will also help you gain skills so you are not left hanging when your guitar goes down at a gig....