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Hitler, however, was concerned that, if a Ukrainian army organized in Carpathian Rus were to accompany German forces invading the Soviet Union, Ukrainian nationalists would insist on the establishment of an independent Ukraine; Hitler, who had designs on Ukraine's natural and agricultural resources, did not want to deal with an independent Ukrainian government.Hitler would soon have cause to rue his decision regarding the fate of Carpatho-Ukraine.In the 15th century, the two countries briefly shared the same king again, Poland's Władysław III of Varna, who perished, aged barely twenty, fighting the Turks at Varna, Bulgaria.In the 16th century, Poland elected as her king a Hungarian nobleman, Stephen Báthory, who is regarded as one of Poland's greatest rulers.A second personal union with Poland formed for the second time from 1440 to 1444.

One political expert said the two countries were putting the European Union on the spot by working towards their own power hub with Brussels “unable to do anything about it” Good relations between Poland and Hungary date back to the Middle Ages.He was his father’s heir, Charles I of the House of Anjou-Sicily (King of Hungary and Croatia) and his uncle’s heir, Casimir III the Great (king of Poland - last of the Piast dynasty). Apparently, in order to provide a clear line of succession and avoid dynastic uncertainty, he arranged for his nephew, King Louis I of Hungary, to be his successor in Poland.

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