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Still, I did meet one guy who was doing his bit to even things out though: 6'5, ridiculously good-looking bodybuilder & surfer who spoke 5 languages, worked for an oil company and had a Russian model girlfriend.I'll send you an article in private, but is there a lot of tension with Kazakh men over the whole Russian man/Kazakh woman thing?7 or 8 people said that, from doctors, to journalists, to university students, to my landlord..just seemed weird to me that they'd be promoting it...Both the buildup to the winter universiade and 2017 expo seems to be the same..of foreign men with Kazakh women, but not much of the reverse, which is a shame. My name is KRISTINA, 28 years old, from Almaty (Kazakhstan). I like laughing, like to me a little bit a smalll girl, who believes in dreams. I like fitness and wish to be a health, sporty, active all of my live.

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aya is very very famous almost completely because she have blue eyes.kazakh marriage with Russians is very rare among older people but with younger people who were born 1980 and later, I see more and more, and mostly with Russian man and Kazakh woman, especially if they are from city area. I remember once actually walking through a park in Almaty (with the lake and theme park) and remember actually seeing 4 mixed couples in a row though...2 Kazakh men/Russian women and 2 of the reverse!

It was kind of weird really, since to me blue/green eyes don't look any better or worse than brown/black eyes, so I don't know why you'd elevate someone else's features above your own...

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