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08-Nov-2020 00:48

constitute a “public health emergency of international concern" or PHEIC.

It is an emergency for the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the region, but does not meet the criteria for an international public health emergency, the committee concluded. Local and international health officials are scrambling to smother a flare-up of Ebola in Uganda, which spread this week from a massive, months-long outbreak in the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Officials have identified 27 others who had contact with either the deceased boy or the suspected cases.

As such, Uganda remains in “Ebola response mode,” the ministry said.

Declaring the outbreak as such would signal the need for international responses and likely lead to more resources in curbing the virus's spread.

The outbreak in the DRC has raged since last August in DRC’s North Kivu and Ituri Provinces.

So far, violence and ongoing conflict have severely hampered medical responses to the outbreak.

Militants have attacked medical facilities repeatedly, and last month a WHO-deployed epidemiologist was killed in an attack.

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The Ugandan government regards literacy as one of the important factors for accelerating development and social transformation.

The World Health Organization flew in 4,000 additional doses of vaccine, which is 97.5 percent effective, according to preliminary data.