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The prints are matted and housed in solander boxes or oversized portfolios.These are kept in cabinets made of baked enamel steel or coated wood.Higher visibility has brought more requests for study use and loan.A condition survey was started at this time using a handwritten checklist form.In 1991, it was proposed to consolidate all the catalog, exhibition and condition information in a computer database for easier record keeping and scholarly access.Creating a computer database, in this case, had three parts.prints involved a team of artisans: A publisher would commission an artist to draw a design, which would then be transferred to multiple woodblocks by the carver.One block, called the key block, would be inked by the printer using (墨; black ink ), with subsequent blocks each separately inked with color, water-based vegetable and mineral pigments—a block for each color.

A visual reference catalog also exists, consisting of notebooks of black and white photographs of the majority of the prints, but not illustrated books.First, defining what kind of information was desired in the database and how it would be used, or accessed.