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30-Sep-2020 10:21

Valentine’s Day came and went like a Space X Cupid’s arrow.Romance was in the air on that day, but what about the rest of the year when it comes to Black women?It's a new experience for me and it makes me nervous sometimes. There has really only been one strange incident where we were stopped in a supermarket by an older white couple (in their 60s), who enthusiastically gushed over how 'cute' we are, and told us we were the 'future of America'." 9. I couldn't tell my parents but my siblings knew, and they were chill with it.I would like our families to get along but I don't know if they will. He didn't tell anyone in his family because he said they would be racist, especially his mum.Other than that, everything else was pretty chill." 10."I'm Vietnamese and have dated South Asians and Caucasian men. I understand wanting to learn more, but there is also a better way of asking.That’s the most hurtful and ridiculous kind of comment I’ve heard.I’ve had people at work assume that I was his intern/assistant as well, rather than an equal colleague." 3.

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