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25-Oct-2020 11:15

The following list is a summary of the most often expressed arguments against Johannine authorship: Argument #1: The fourth Gospel does not agree with the synoptic accounts (Matthew, Mark and Luke): The most often quoted argument against St.John's authorship is that so much of the synoptic Gospel portrait of Jesus is missing from the fourth Gospel account and what is included is very different. Clement wrote: "John, last of all, seeing that the plain facts had been clearly set forth in the Gospels, and being urged by his acquaintances, composed a spiritual Gospel under the divine inspiration of the Spirit." The inspired writer of the fourth Gospel may also be addressing these differences when he records in John ,31 "There were many other signs that Jesus worked in the sight of the disciples, but they are not recorded in this book.The size and quality of Peter's house, excavated at Capernaum, confirms the impression that these were men of means who controlled their own lives.It is larger than most of the other houses excavated there and is located directly across from the local Synagogue, a prestigious location.

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They were also able to leave their business for a 3 year period to follow Jesus and yet were able to return to the Galilee at the end of 3 years to boats they still owned (see John 21:1-3).

Argument #3: Probably the most popular argument against Johannine authorship 60 years ago was that the author of the fourth Gospel must have been a Hellenistic (Greek culture) Israelite of the Diaspora (living outside Israel/Judea) or a Greek gentile convert to Judaism and/or Christianity because the language and concepts of the fourth Gospel were simple not found in Jewish literature of the 1 century AD but instead reflected Greek thought and language.

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