Dating of the book of daniel

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He also believed Daniel predicted his future second coming accurately (Mt. In context, Ezekiel 14 denounces paganism and idolatry.

Moreover, in Ezekiel 28:3, we read, “You are wiser than Daniel; there is no secret that is a match for you.” This is a clear reference to Daniel 1 and 2, where the prophet Daniel is able have wisdom in interpreting Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams, when all of the false prophets were unable to do this.

While modern critics hold to this perspective, there are a number of reasons for believing in the biblical authorship of Daniel: . If Daniel wasn’t historical, then Jesus was either lying, or he was ignorant. However, Ezekiel places Daniel alongside Noah and Job (Ezek. By contrast, Daniel—the son of Aqhat—from Pagan mythology was a Baal worshipper!

If so, the historicity of Daniel and his book would seem to be established.Mt 24: 15 and Mk 13: 14; Mt 26: 64 and Mk 14: 62 and Lk 22: 69; Heb 11: 33-34). The book professes to have been written by Daniel (see 7: 1; 12: 4), to be an account of a historical individual who experienced the exile and lived in Babylon, and to predict future events (e.g., 2: 29-45; 7: 2,15-27; 8: 15-26; 9: 24-27; 10: 14; 11: 2– 12: 4). One of the eight manuscripts of Daniel discovered at Qumran (4QDanc) has been dated to about 125 b.c. Some scholars have argued that there would have been insufficient time for the book of Daniel to have gained such widespread acceptance if it were written only 40 years previously. The Septuagint was the Greek translation of the OT produced in Alexandria, Egypt, that came to be used widely by the Jews of the Diaspora.Scholars generally agree that at least the Pentateuch (first five books) was translated in the middle of the third century b.c., but it is likely that all the Bible books were translated into Greek about the same time.Walt Kaiser and Duane Garrett, in the Jesus ben Sirach (Sir 44– 50), 1 writing in approximately 180 B.

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C., cited numerous Old Testament heroes— but not Daniel. The stories of Nebuchadnezzar’s insanity and of the fiery furnace read like pious legends— far-fetched miracle stories common in intertestamental Jewish texts.All three of the Greek words of 3: 5 are musical terms.