Dating old postcards uk

12-Sep-2019 17:02

The use of 'Picture Postcards' was first sanctioned by the British Postal Authorities on 1st September 1894.Prior to this date - pre-printed plain cards were in use which are commonly referred to as 'Postal Stationery' The size of cards varied throughout this period. The 'Intermediate' size of 5 x 3 inches (approx) was followed by the adopted standard sized card 5½ x 3½ inches which was in common use from 1900 until the 1960's The postage rate for postcards was a halfpenny - ½d ½d 1894 - 1900 Vermillion The colour of the halfpenny - ½d stamp was changed in 1900 to meet international standards.½d 1900 - 1901 Blue-Green Quenn Victoria died on 22 January 1901 Great Britain was the first country to sanction the use of the divided back postcard in 1902. The divided back allowed for one side of the card to be used for both the address and a message seperated by a central line.The other side could be a complete picture (or photograph) Prior to this (undivided back) cards were in use which allowed for address only on one side and a brief greeting on the picture side.½d 1st January 1902 - 25th November 1904 Blue-Green 1/2d Yellow Green issued 26th November 1904 Edward VII died on 6th May 1910 The George V 'Downey Head' stamps were issued on 22nd June 1911 (Coronation Day).Named after the photograph taken of the King by W & D Downey. I am indebted to Peter Stubbs for much of the information below (extracted from Peter's site and his permission for allowing me to use this on the Harberton website.

The non-urgent postcards follow the rate for non-urgent letters [] 1971, 4 January: 50 c (urgent), 30 c (non-urgent) 1974, 16 September: 80 c (urgent), 60 c (non-urgent) 1976, 2 August: 1F (urgent), 80 c (non-urgent) 1978, 15 May: 1.20 F (urgent), 1 F (non-urgent) 1979, 15 October: 1.30 F (urgent), 1.10 F (non-urgent) 1980, 1 August: 1.40 F (urgent), 1.20 F (non-urgent) 1981, 1 September: 1.60 F (urgent), 1.40 F (non-urgent) 1982, 1 June: 1.80 F (urgent), 1.60 F (non-urgent) 1983, 1 June: 2 F (urgent), 1.60 F (non-urgent) 1984, 1 July: 2.10 F (urgent), 1.70 F (non-urgent) 1985, 1 August: 2.20 F (urgent), 1.80 F (non-urgent) 1986, 1 August: 2.20 F (urgent), 1.90 F (non-urgent) 1987, 1 August: 2.20 F (urgent), 2 F (non-urgent) 1993, 5 July: 2.80 F (urgent), 2.40 F (simple) 1996, 18 March: 3 F (urgent), 2.70 F (economic) • On 1 January : France’s currency changed to euro (symbol: €). 2003, 1 June: 0.50 € (urgent),0.45 € (economic) 2005, 1 March: 0.48 € (economic, the same tariff as second-class letters - , and were usually printed advertising cards. During the first half of the twentieth century, packs of six, ten, twelve or even twenty and more cards were issued in two different formats.

We hope you find this guide useful but it should be used with caution, stamps in circulation could (and can!

) still be used after being superceded by later issues and equally 'old' postcards could be sent using more recent stamps.

It is of course possible to find undivided back cards used after 1902 and divided back cards used with older (pre 1902) stamps Stamps for King Edwards reign were issued on 1st January 1902.

The inland postage rate for postcards was ½d (halfpenny) throughout this period.If this is unreadable, the STAMP (if any) indicates the approximate year. Most of this info was gleaned from two excellent web pages, which are on: PC stamps PC history

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