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21-Jun-2020 09:53

) trying to kiss him If the Estonian dude is like this Swedish dude (Estonia is practically Scandinavia), he does not need much game.Yeah, Estonian guys have a lot less going for them than Swedes though.I was the happiest person when I saw Portuguese girls on their Erasmus year in Poland.They'd not get a single bit of attention and would be the most desperate women in the clubs.. The difference is that Greek girls look hot and turn you horny but there is no relief.In the end I ended up enjoying the beautiful country and city with a girl that I flew in from a nordic country - IMO the way to do it.I already read all the discussion in CS and there's one message that I found accurate about the Portuguese dating scene, or better saying, its non-existence [even though the guy who wrote it seems blue-pill]: In other words it just pretty much confirms what has been said by various people in the other thread about game in Portugal: it is mainly based on social circles.I am the typical case that in Portugal I can't kiss a girl to save my life, but when I'm abroad I do very well Yep, imo the white knighting and the whole culture of the portuguese "princesses" woman is the worst.

Another tip is that in Madeira, Funchal, it is MUCH EASIER to fuck girls but this is more for locals thoug, maybe tourists will have luck.

He went there with several male and female classmates from IST.