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13-Mar-2020 05:56

The release of TTC SDK lays the foundation for DAPPs in TTC Ecosystem and TRe E (TTC Reward Engine.) Currently, TTC SDK is implemented into tata UFO and ALIVE, the first two DAPPs in the TTC Ecosystem.

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CODEX offers one of the lowest fees on the market and trade mining program.

Hacken Proof is a Bug Bounty and Vulnerability Coordination Platform.

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The decentralized Crypviser Messenger lets you to enjoy private cam chat & voice calls with automated blockchain encryption.

You need to understand this carefully, the dating website has a credit system, where you can buy a certain number of credits by paying up a certain amount of money.

Once you have those credits in your account then you can use it according to your wishes.

The TTC Protocol connects every participant in the TTC ecosystem by establishing common guidelines for different DAPPs.

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The SDK allows developers and communities to easily integrate TTC Protocol into their services which will grant access to the TTC Ecosystem.

When I wasn’t able to find any way around, I took a step back to analyse in what different ways could I break the payment method and get the job done.