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03-Jul-2020 03:32

"Unlike Friday night dates, it isn't about being 'on' all the time.

Instead, it's about being real." Ideally, your first trip as a couple will be memorable for all the right reasons. So here are some common challenges couples tend to face on their first getaway together and ways to overcome it.

To overcome travel stress, Backe suggests keeping things in perspective. "Even if something goes wrong, appreciate the bigger picture and take solace in it.

Remain calm and your partner will feed off of your positive vibes as strongly as they will if you project stress." "On one of our first trips, Tim expected we'd visit a theme park," Jennifer Dombrowski, one half of the couple behind the award-winning travel blog Luxe Adventure Traveler, tells Bustle.

If you haven't spent a ton of time together, these challenges can bring out a side of your partner you may never have seen before. So it's better to test it out a bit and do a short weekend getaway before committing to anything too big.

"In the beginning of a new relationship it's easy to want to step up and go above and beyond," Bethany Ricciardi, sex educator and relationship expert with Too Timid “The Romance Company” tells Bustle.

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For instance, you tell your partner that you'll go with them to something they want to do that didn't make your original itinerary if they do that new activity with you."Splitting responsibilities throughout your trip will ensure you both enjoy your time away," she says.

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