Dating when he doesnt call back

28-Apr-2020 19:39

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So if he’s the first one to like your posts and consistently makes comments, he certain has his door left open for a reunion.This isn’t a slam dunk he will come back but it’s an excellent sign.

Maybe he wants them to relay the message just to get an idea of what your thoughts are.

This is a bit of an expansion from the previous signal but if you have a thumbs up for signal five and six, your guy seriously wants you back.

If your ex is taking the time to comment specifically on your social media posts, it’s safe to say he wants you back.

e Harmony relationship experts believe if your ex is conversing with your friends, that’s a ginormous hint he wants you back.

In the least, he wants to take the awkward “ex” factor out of the equation. If he didn’t want to have anything to do with you, why in world would he want to communicate at all with your friends? What he’s probably doing is trying to feel connected to you and fishing for any little tidbit of information he can get on you.

If he didn’t want you back, he’s not going to make any effort to stay connected with your friends – Period.