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Duke left for good, and Jordan found emotional support from her mixed bag of friends—mostly artists and musicians—including Charlie Parker, who tragically passed away just a few months before Tracey’s birth. She, along with cowriters Luis Fonsi and Gen Reuben, won the 2009 Latin Grammy for Song of the Year for “Aqui Estoy Yo,” and she recently won ASCAP’s 2015 Latin Music Award for Songwriter of the Year. I had already been in the business for twenty years so I had that flexibility. I didn’t follow the pattern and I think my kids are amazing because of it.

When I was 10 and fancied myself a blossoming classical pianist, my parents took me to my first “rock” concert: Chicago at The Forum. The B&W photos on the left are by Sal Guitarez, the official photographer for the Country Club back in the day. At the time, those two were considered some of the best live clubs not just in LA but in the country. Thankfully, there was disco—and the Valley was the zenith of teen discothèques, where you had to show ID to prove you were under 18.

So I started answering questions and writing about any topic you could think of. For example, once there was a mouse in my house, and I had nobody to help me. I have so much respect for women who have to go into an office. And because I was coming out of a bad marriage, my self-esteem was at an all-time low. Whenever I felt hopeless, sad, depressed, angry, scared — I’d just go to my computer and instantly feel better. I’m working harder and [more] longer hours than I ever have. Q: Did you feel a shift in your community when you became a Solo Mom?

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