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Your payments is already approval today for you to receive it but themanagement here says that you must pay .00 for the Stamp and activationcharge before you can receive the payment today, please send the charge throughwestern union or money gram immediately, i have assured you a time withoutnumber that thisis genuine and legitimate. WELCOME TO WESTERN UNION MONEY WORLDWIDE: OFFICE OF THE WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER. So am here now because of the scammers information all over in Africa mostly in Nigeria to make sure that all the belongings funds get to their foreign beneficiaries, which i sent you an e-mail since two days ago and i have not had back from you, what is going on my dear, are you still alive or not. N: 577 644 33**(5) SENDER: TOM WESTAMOUNT: ,000 USDQUESTION: CODEANSWER: TRUSTM. MONEY GRAM AGENTBEGIN: VCALENDAR PRODID://Yahoo//Calendar//EN VERSION:2.0 METHOD: CANCEL BEGIN: VEVENT SUMMARY: Your Money Transfer Details DESCRIPTION: Attention Funds Owner\,\n\n We have deposited the check of your fund (.700`000`00USD) through Money Gram department after our finally me eting regarding your fund\, All you will do is to contact Money Gram Direc tor Mr. He will give you direction on how you will be receiving the funds daily.I swear If I fail to release your payment after yousend the .00 as I promise don't count on me again, I cannot fail you, Ipromise you, don’t fear as soon as you send the .00 today please leave therest to me and see if I am tell you the truth to you because I can not use mylife swearbecause of .00, how can I swear against my life because of this smallamount? You have an assurance of receiving your payment once this is settled andwhatever that arises next shall be taking care of by this our head office, buti swear nothing is going to come up again after this and i will make sure youstart receiving your funds immediately or i will write a petition against ourheadquarter office and they will have whatever you have spent on your fundssent it back to you first thing tomorrow morning. COTONOU BENIN​ATTENTION Dear esteemed customer, My name is Miss Linda Johnson, directed from USA . Congratulation to you regarding your fund of .7m dollars in the western union computer system and as the western union controller general i have just prepare for you your first 10 mtcn number of ,000usd, and i have just activated names into your 10 mtcn number of ,000usd for you to cash it immediately today so you make sure you send the remittance fee of usd to the Western Union secretary to Cotonou Benin Republic, Immediately you send it you send the information to my mailbox and you make sure you wait at the western union office in less than 30 minutes your complete 10 mtcn of ,000 payment information will be release to you today. N: 445 353 12**(4) SENDER: TOM WESTAMOUNT: ,000 USDQUESTION: CODEANSWER: TRUSTM. Remember to send h im your Full information to avoid wrong transfer such as\,\n\n\n Receiver's Name_______________\n Address: ________________\n Country: _____________\n P hone Number: _____________\n\n Though\, We have sent \,500 in your name t oday so contact Mr. Tremolar i tenir la pell de gallina i tenir aquests daltibaixos al cor que mouen els batecs a emptentes quan et veuen.

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Do not allow the devil to turn your mindagainst this because by the time you realize you have a mistake, it might betoo late to recover. Please do not send any more money again now for you to know that we are 100%sure that this fee is only money you will send in this office and your totalamount is .7Million USDHERE IS THE INFORMATION TO SEND THE THROUGH WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER ORMONEY GRAM. This means that the above charges cannot be deducted from the ,000usd and hence must be provided by you. N: 129 054 23**(2) SENDER: TOM WESTAMOUNT: ,000 USDQUESTION: CODEANSWER: TRUSTM. Sorry to be so blunt but theres a few things I need to say before we meet.PS: Please it is important you email me before sending money gram to the mover for go ahead .Do let me know your schedule for the week regarding pickup as i have some other properties to be moved alongside your item.It doesn't charge you anything, I just need you to be verified before I invite you over.

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I don't mind having fun with you the first time we meet but this way I don't feel weird. Sent from my i Phone I think that the best way to get together would be to give me a call, But before that i just need you to get on MY PROFILE HERE and verify you are not a mass murderer or any sex offender and above 18.Since we don’t know each other at this point I’d like you to register on here It doesnt cos t anything to join and adds a little security to meeting total strangers.