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On the spoken intro he exhorts listeners to not "let sad times or bad times get you down" and he proceeds to his darndest to lift your mood.1. Waiting on Joy Feat Curtis Foster of the 5 Blind Boys/Rev Walter Bledsoe 3.

Add this to the relentless ear and booty candy on this CD and you got his masterpiece.

Over the next several years he got a chance to meet a long list of R & B stars culminating in a friendship with Roger Troutman.

Robb became part of the Zapp & Roger group where he learned his now trademark fuzzy synth Funk style.

The star of course is the persona of Bigg Robb, producer, main songwriter and ringleader of a collection of "Grown Folks" music or, excuse me, "Jerri Curl Muzik". The official first single was "The Recipe", which borrows that loping baseline from Johnnie Taylor's "Careless With Our Love".

The bump "If I Get Drunk" is dedicated to "everybody who likes to get your drink on..." but flips the script right away by revealing itself to be a heartening call against drunk driving. Family Reunion (Church picnic Remix) Feat Shirley Murdock1. Special is front and center on hip-hop flavored "Down South Party" & creepin' "Why You Tryin' To Holla @ Me? Much like Theodis Ealey's "Let Me Put The Head In It" project, "Southern Soul Cares" is a convincing commercial for these artists and the label in total. Bigg Woo returns on "Tune Up" and with Da Problem Solvas on the hits "Grown Folks Music #2" & "The Weekend". He then assembled a group of young R & B talent an called them Da Problem Solvas.

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Starting in 2007 Robb's popularity began to grow exponentially with the release of "8 Tracks & 45s".

The Southern Soul club smash "The Bigg Robb Freeze" is next fulfillin' yo' line dancin' needs. Later you'll be 2 steppin' to the "Southern Ladies Remix" featuring Gregory "Uncle Love" Jackson.