Did kathy griffin really dating levi

29-Jan-2020 04:56

I mean, you know, when people say, oh, I've been kicked out of better bars than this?

RIVERS: RIVERS: GRIFFIN: But you know what, I have to say, that's a pretty good list.

Return to Transcripts main page CNN LARRY KING LIVE Kathy Griffin Takes on Joan Rivers; Levi & Kathy Kiss & Tell; Child Beauty Pageant Winners And Their Parents Aired August 10, 2009 - ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. Joining me tonight is comic, writer and entrepreneur, Joan Rivers. (LAUGHTER) GRIFFIN: Joanal is not an Orthodox Jew, but men still (EXPLETIVE LANGUAGE) through a sheet so they don't have to look at that face. GRIFFIN: And I just -- I have strived for that and starved myself just for this moment. David Brenner, who likes women that walk out of Auschwitz, David Brenner would think you're hot.

And I just did all these jokes art about her -- you know, she had an IUD with call waiting, this and that. RIVERS: ...people don't talk about you unless you're a big star.

I kept thinking, with all the plastic and all three of us, don't let her serve anything flambe. (LAUGHTER) GRIFFIN: I think I got some implants on the way out and I didn't really feel it, some sort of (INAUDIBLE) lifting.

GRIFFIN: Well, tell me about your -- your history, because the reason that -- I know you guys go back, but I love when you told me one time that Cher came up to you one time and said that she was angry when she wasn't in the act. And I used to use her in the act and I had a cutout of her. And we -- and when I took her out of the act finally, she came backstage and she said to me, you took me out of the act.

And, you know, she said, yes, of course I want to be in the act. GRIFFIN: And, by the way, on the way over there, you just threw these in your purse from your collection and I want to -- can I read you a text that I got from Cher?

And one of the first times I got to talk to her alone, I said, is that true, did you really say that to Joan? JOAN RIVERS, COMEDIAN: I'm so excited talking to you. And every time somebody would do a joke, I'd say, damn, I can't do Danny Bonaduce, because they've just done it. GRIFFIN: OK, Joan, I have to tell you -- I forgot to tell you that night, I swear, my jaw buzzed for three days.