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In 1694, for instance, the writer Charles Gildon noted that ‘[e]xperience tells us there’s nothing more common than matches of this kind, where the whites and the blacks cohabit’ (cited in Kaufmann 2015, p.24), while in the following century the author Philip Thicknesse (1778, p.Most recently, Holland’s (2017) research has uncovered early twentieth century relationships between South Asian men and white women in Sheffield, while grassroots oral history projects have illuminated community histories of interraciality in Nottingham and Manchester.10 Furthermore, as Caballero and Aspinall (2018) have highlighted, black and other racialised populations in Britain were not simply a preserve of city life, or of the working classes.As was the case before the 20th century (Mac Keith 2003; Kaufmann 2017; Livesay 2018), there are fascinating glimpses of the racial diversity—and accompanying interraciality—to be found in the suburbs, towns and rural communities of Britain in the early twentieth century, as well as amongst the middle and upper classes.

Indeed, a considerable body of scholarship has drawn attention to the embedded presence of early twentieth century interraciality in Britain (e.g., Collins 1957; Bland 2005; Tabili 1994, 1996; Caballero and Aspinall 2018), including amongst or in specific ethnic or geographical neighbourhoods and communities.

Belcham (2014), for instance, has detailed the longstanding and wide-ranging racial mixing that has occurred in Liverpool for centuries, as have Little [1948] (1972) and Llwyd (2005) regarding the Cardiff area.

Similarly, Lawless (1995) has documented a vivid picture of a long settled mixed Arab and white community in the Holborn district of South Shields, while Wong (1989) and Seed (2006) have brought to attention the historic interraciality between the Chinese and white Britons in Liverpool and London’s Limehouse respectively.

But what happens when his wife brings forth a black man’s child?

The East Enders had hardly faced this before, but after the Second World War the potential was there.The popular conception of interraciality in Britain is one that frequently casts mixed racial relationships, people and families as being a modern phenomenon.

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