Ed westwick and jessica szohr dating

09-Jun-2020 07:35

Also, Ed is not married yet though he WAS dating his former girlfriend Jessica who is playing the character Vanessa in Gossip Girl.

Ed Westwick "Gossip Girl" Silvercup Studios 42-22 22nd Street Long Island City, NY 11101 USA or: Ed Westwick Emptage Hallett 14 Rathbone Place London W1T 1HT UK These addresses were found at the previous answer was wrong, ed westwick does smoke and i have proof

Recently, and by recently we mean in 2013, then 28 year old Jessica and then 27 year old Ed were seen together for two occasions wearing similar clothes (by similar we mean casual and easygoing) and in both the occasion both of the stars were really comfortable in each other company.

The first talked about occasion when the rumored couple was seen together publicly after their long break-up was on a day of August in 2013 at a Whole Foods Market in West Hollywood.

action=view¤t=n2540477_39649295_5912if someone thinks its fake it's not because chace crawford is right behind him Ed Westwick does not have a public fan email address at this time.

However, you can send him fan mail at his official fan mail address.

Nevertheless, she is recognized as one of the hottest woman in the industry thanks to her “balanced exercise and diet strategy” to stay in good health and fit at the same time.

Nevertheless, these set of events are the reason why we are writing this gossip article and why we are emphasizing on the evidences part so much.

The next occasion when the rumored couple was seen together was soon after a month of the first occasion i.e.