Egg dating

26-Jan-2020 20:46

But in the fourteenth century the related egg was borrowed from Old Norse. "Eggs from many species of fowl (birds) have doubtless been consumed since the very beginning of humankind's stay on earth.For a time the two forms competed with each other (William Caxton, in the prologue to his Book of Eneydos (1490), asked 'What should a man in these day now write, eggs or eyren, certainly it is hard to please every man'), and the Norse form did not finally emerge as the winner until the late sixteenth century." ---An A-Z of Food & Drink, John Ayto [Oxford University Press: Oxrod] 2002 (p. In historical times, ancient Romans ate peafowl eggs, and the Chinese were fond of pigeon eggs. Check out our toolkits, videos, handouts and more that provide key information, research findings, delicious recipes and shareable resources highlighting the Incredible Egg.

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The history is complicated and diverse; the culinary applications are innumerable. Katz, editor, William Woys Weaver, associate editor [Charles Scribner's Sons: New York] 2003, Volume 1 (p. "The egg...tracks it name back to a prehistoric Indo-European source related to words for 'bird'...

Men discovered that by removing from the nest eggs that they did not wish to have hatch (or that they simply wished to eat), they could induce the female jungle fowl to lay additional eggs and, indeed, to continue to lay eggs throught an extended laying season." ---The Chicken Book, Page Smith and Charles Daniel [University of Georgia Press: Athens] 1975 (p. The Romans found egg-laying hens in England, Gaul, and among the Germans.

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