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Gutur Gu is a silent comedy, which I had never done. Considering your closeness to Ekta Kapoor, one would assume you would make a comeback with one of her shows?

Anita Hassanandani is a popular Indian model and actress.

As long as the division lasted, inmates were not permitted to cross the boundaries or, except for food, share items between the two sides.

On the 31st day, the "Hell" facility was demolished and all remaining contestants moved to "Heaven." The Bigg Boss Warden was a new feature for season seven. Required to count down time by the second and display it manually on a clock each hour, the Hell mates must contend with the residents of Heaven, who are required to try to distract them.

She is widely known for her roles in several Bollywood movies and TV shows.

Her breakthrough role in a movie came in 2003 in “Kuch toh Hai” where she shared the limelight with Tusshar Kapoor and Ekta Deol.

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TV artist Mandana Karimi filed domestic violence case against her husband.Bigg Boss had placed a total of 5 Golden Badges on the heaven side and the hell-mates had to try and replace them with their Dark Badges.Only two hell-mates could try once and captain Gauhar was given the responsibility to overlook the task and make sure it went according to the rules.Inmates in "Hell" were forced to rely on the housemates in the "Heaven" side for food and to use a tap outdoors for water.

This was revealed to the housemates on launch night, and entrants Tanishaa and Andy were tasked with dividing them into households.

It will be a low-key affair with close family and friends. Most of them were repeats of what I had already done. Dialogues are very important for actors and to emote without them took some getting used to. Also, I have to shoot only 10 days a month, so I can focus on planning my wedding. How do you look back on your relationship with your ex-boyfriend Eijaz (Khan)?

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