Element dating game for midle school

02-Nov-2020 09:40

When I am not teaching, chauffeuring around teenagers, or working on my assignments for grad school, I like to be outside.I enjoy camping, fishing, gardening, and running in 5k's.I had a class where some of my students have intellectual disabilities.My students with intellectual disabilities all passed the end of year state standardized exam.Take your pick from this collection of links about elements and the periodic table!

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I love seeing them so engaged in science games especially since they are learning or reviewing knowledge with every game.Last year I had a 90% pass rate and this year we improved to 92%.What makes this data even more amazing is we have a large population of special ed students on my team this year and last year we had none!There are so many games for each standard and so many different types of games that each student always finds at least one they like.

One of the best features is being able to see who is online and how far they have gotten it is a great way to check their progress and engagement!This article was about a teaching strategy used to reinforce the concept of ionic and covalent bonding.