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Mikoto, unfortunately, wasn't so easily affected by a brat.

She smiled brightly at the other brunette, "Hi, Micchan."The shorter brunette blushed prettily and beamed.

The blonde actually clicked his tongue in disdain at their appearance."Miko-chan! Today she was sporting a bright yellow one with a red obi."M-Micchan!

" Izuku's greeting came out as a stutter at the sharp glare aimed at him from Katsuki.

She was once pasty white and appeared almost sickly.

There wasn't much difference but at least she had a healthier glow to her skin.

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" Izuku's cheerful voice called out to her from the hallway. She wanted him to be free with safety and his dream didn't guarantee it.

It was strange because Mikoto hadn't exactly done anything that deserved her admiration.

In term of charisma, confidence or strength, she had to admit that Katsuki was levels above her. Katsuki led them to a riverbank where the five boys immediately launched to skipping the stones.

I'm so happy to see everyone react so positively to Mimi and Katsuki's relationship. Replying to the review from , I can't tell you if Mikoto's Quirk will be similar to Mirajane's power, as it would be a spoiler if I did. I hope you'll stick around to find out more about her Quirk XDAlright, happy reading! Mikoto had never realized it but her knowledge—or perhaps memory—of the My Hero Academia world was not as advanced as she expected.

Thank you so much for the reviews, favourites and follows! November didn't end as positively as it began for me.

She could now wrap it around her upper thigh to prevent it from being seen.

The couple were spotted shopping for matching lovers' rings in Japan although they have never acknowledged their relationship publicly.… continue reading »

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I had to play around with the settings a little, but the people I am being suggested are precisely what I am looking for. … continue reading »

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