Erotic chatbots

08-Sep-2020 15:10

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They will be programmed with information acquired from a “personalizing questionnaire” which you will receive shortly before we are ready to deliver your chatbot(s).

The questionnaire will ask about the user’s likes and dislikes, their interests, and various other aspects of their lives.

The bot builder does not have to build a best practice architecture from scratch, we has already done that for them.

Openness means many things including being able to see and change the source code, being able to use a free version until you are comfortable with the technology and being able to easy integrate with any software out there via an api.

The page explains that the bots will come in standard gender binary flavors (female and male), with a heterosexual focus.

Their plan is to later expand into lesbian and gay versions, which is great, though I’m wondering if that means bisexuality is already in there somewhere. I also hope that since the entire product has shed the construct of bodies, they’ll also eventually shed the antiquated notion of binary gender and expand to embrace the gender spectrum.

Apparently the author of Love and Sex with Robots wants to make people like me happy, because David Levy (in partnership with Paul Andrews of House of Erotica) has launched Erotic Chatbots Ltd. Our flirty chatbots are designed for people who enjoy amorous conversations without any overtly sexual content.

(…) Our chatbots will be driven by our own Artificial Intelligence software.

Depending the time you go in, you will find more or less girls.… continue reading »

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