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29-Dec-2019 07:40

Certificates are issued for goods that are of 100% New Zealand origin without testing a sample for radioactivity content.For any goods containing imported components a sample must be tested for radioactivity content before a certificate can be issued.Our service has a 60 year history of operation and is the only service of its kind based entirely in New Zealand.For more information: ESR offers a range of measurement services to determine and quantify the presence of potential radioactive contamination.Results are documented in reports which can be tailored to provide the required level of detail and explanatory material.Examples of measurement surveys undertaken by us include: ESR authenticates levels of radioactivity in foodstuffs for the export market and monitors imported food products.Both dosemeter types were designed for ease of use, sensitivity, and simplicity in dose assessment.ESR supports its monitoring service with specialist technical knowledge and expertise gained through its long experience and broad range of radiation safety activities.

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The measurement equipment and techniques can also be adapted for other purposes.Since then applications have been developed in multiple fields of chemistry and physics, as well as the potential for dating in geology, paleontology, and archaeology. Quantum theory tells us that all systems have a definite energy.