Far cry 3 updating uplay nmn ang dating daan song praise

01-Mar-2020 12:19

Scoreboard no longer updates fields that have not changed* Fixed issue where radar would not be drawn correctly with certain game type changes* Fixed framerate issue when player touched assault ammo pickups* Fixed issue with password protected servers not removing password after restart* Fixed issue with spectators not being able to hear ambient sounds* Fixed message printout for multiplayer statistics (was only working with log_verbosity 1, not it works with 0 (default) as well)* Fixed listplayer on the client (was only working on the server)* Changed multiplayer scoreboard system for less bandwidth and easier extendibility* Fixed bug in scoreboard that reported ping incorrectly by a factor of 2. Note: ping is still the same, the output value was inaccurate)* Fixed check in server/client version check (now you cannot connect to servers with old network code)* Fixed bug in submitted Punkbuster ID causing random CD Key hash to be generated.Global ID unique to CD keys is now parsed correctly.* Added Multiplayer Utils: On Chat Message a script function which is called on the server for every chat message (to enable saving out chats)* Made several changes to improve network packet scheduling* Separated multiplayer and single player weapon code better functionality with mod developers and support for changes to MP balance without affecting single player.* Made a number of changes to multiplayer weapon parameters, outlined below: All weapons – Increase accuracy while standing still by 25%Made the medic packs give 50% more health for the engineer class Reduced rocket launcher clip to 1, no change to lethality. Reduced OICW grenade clip to 3 with max carry of 3 in the gun and 3 in reserve Increased Pancor damage slightly Reduced P90 damage by 10% and reduced max range by 25%Increased lethality of mounted weapons.* Improved detection code for player name tags, fixed issue causing name tags not to appear if crosshair was on arms and legs* Fixed collision detection on the dedicated server with different arm position because of different weapons.

If this option is unchecked, the quality of the fog in game may be negatively affected.Creating a server and then attempting to reconnect to it will only display the message "connecting to".This is the IP address of your local host server.* Do not attempt to switch teams during PREWAR countdowns after a match has been won if player numbers are low.* Non NV40 n Vdia graphics cards display a water reflection bug when water details are set to ' Ultra High'.[4169]-In some cases, users with Geforce 3 cards using low graphic settings may experience odd colorization of environments and characters.

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[7091]-r_waterrefraction does not work on geforce 5900 fx card when Dualscreen is on.

Alternatively use ATI Catalyst 4.3 drivers.* Connecting to LAN games via the \connect console variable does not always work.