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21-Sep-2020 16:22

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Here, you use numbered tiles to make sets and matches. After a set amount of time, you will read your list of words to your opponent. Use the tiles to make your own interlocking crossword.The object of the game is to place down all of your tiles before your opponent. The object of the game is to get as many points as possible with spelling words out with the tiles. Qwirkle is a super fun game where you use your thinking skills to add blocks to the grid to score the most points.Set is a game where you look at 12 cards and try to find a set of 3 cards where all are the same or all completely different in color and shape.This 2 player game is fast paced and challenging and will for sure keep you on your feet on game night! This is another fast paced game, designed to keep you on your toes.If you make the right combinations, you will be first to go out and you win. What’s great about golf is that you can play with just you and your loved one for date night, or make it a big group game night on different occasions. My hubby and kids love playing this game and when it’s a fun date night, we pull this game out.

She did a fantastic job and my post just wouldn’t be complete without including her fun games. If you are into mind games than this game is for you.

We went out the very next day and bought the game for ourselves! I included 2 versions of Ticket to Ride because you really just can’t pass it up. My sister and brother in law refuse to play the USA version because they think Europe is so much better.

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