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23-Dec-2019 08:06

Latest updates will continue to be provided on the Blog, or you can raise a case with Support and we'll keep you updated through the case. I notice from your first reply on this thread that it is dated 27th of Jan.

Thanks Hi Michelle, I've had a look at the Blog and appears that Yodlee TSB (UK) Business Banking feeds are also affected by the same platform issues as Lloyds (UK) Business Banking users, I've mentioned above. This seems to have been affecting people for nearly 2 months.

As mentioned above, there was a recent issue with the Yodlee Lloyds (UK) Business Banking Feeds.

An update on our Blog Bank Feed Status page, shows Yodlee have made some changes and your feed should be working again now, but you may need to update the feed login to reset the connection.

If you've tried the help tips in the article and are still not getting a successful result, please do let the team know! It simply isn't acceptable to be paying for a service that doesn't work!

I too am having issues with the link to my Lloyds business bank. Regards, Eve There is a lot of moaning going on here.

I really don't need the hassle of learning how to manually import a large number of transactions so close to my year end due! @James, Mark and Nicola - I've raised a Support query on each of your behalf. This is a widespread issue, and we understand the urgency of getting this resolved.

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Is there a way to cancel the curret automatic set up, and use a yodlee login instead. Ekta Hi John, there's a current issue with Lloyds (UK) Business Banking feeds. You can find out more here on our Blog (further updates will be posted here also), or else please reach out to Support if you have questions.

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