Filenet capture statistics not updating

23-Jun-2020 02:41

Like pulling a lose thread, upgrading File Net might lead to other portions of the infrastructure that should be upgraded as well.For our customer, the upgrade included at least an upgrade of Oracle as well as other application and server components.If a preference has a default value and it is not specified in the response file, the default value is used.

If the clean option is set to true, Installation Manager uses the repository and other preferences from the response file; the existing Installation Manager preference settings are not used.If the temporary option is set to false, which is the default setting, the setting that Installation Manager uses in the current silent installation session is persisted.You must use the IBM Installation Manager uninstaller to uninstall IBM Installation Manager on a client computer.Given a third party tool to access File Net, the team felt the migrating to something else would be a substantial effort.

Not only would the migration introduce a new ECM system but also potentially a new interface and require all of the integrations to both the old interface and File Net to be moved.

Many times, upgrades can be difficult and risky and could result in a variety of costs and issues that, to the end users, don’t necessarily add value.

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