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On a frigid morning in January of 2009, my now-ex husband drove me to a now-closed clinic, off Route 9 in Boston.I recall sitting behind him in the car ride down — rather than beside him — because this abortion was his idea. I could not check off the small box in the lower corner of the page asking about coercion. At one point, a silver-haired security worker approached me and said, “You should not be here.”With great reluctance, I signed the form and waited my turn.It was quite painful and was done in a dirty environment. Two months later I was ill again and went back to the hospital; a scan revealed that I was 20 weeks pregnant.I continued to carry the pregnancy but had a stillbirth at 37 weeks.He said he would reduce the price if I had sex with him. After I “paid” him, he inserted an injection and pills into my uterus. I couldn’t tell anyone, and I was worried because through the course of the night I hadn’t even bled.I was afraid it wouldn’t work and that I’d wind up with a sick baby. He examined me and said that I was so early into the pregnancy that my body reabsorbed it [the embryo remnants]. It was heavy, and it smelled bad, but I haven’t experienced any irregularities since.In Poland, politicians are making a renewed push to restrict abortion.And in the United States, the departure of Justice Anthony Kennedy and President Trump’s selection to succeed him is expected to redraw the well-established legal battle lines over abortion rights.

I still somehow feel responsible that the failed abortion exposed my baby to infection. Individual states have restrictions on the procedure, including waiting periods and limits on timing, generally to before 20 to 24 weeks of gestation.

The possible exception described in the country’s Medical Code of Ethics is when an abortion would save the life of a pregnant woman, but that can be hard to determine and the ethics code does not rise to the level of national law. My partner at the time wasn’t the ideal person — he was studying, wasn’t financially stable — and I have always feared motherhood. I told him about my situation and he decided to “help” me.