Film school rejects dating

20-Jan-2020 17:50

He’s a big asshole, sure, and he shoots a woman in a shopping mall parking lot just for being, uh… But there’s something about seeing him loaf around in bowling shirts and ripping a bong that kinda gets me going.shoot me point-blank in the middle of a day with a fucking handgun, we might have an okay time together.You can all rest assured that of all the morally questionable men I lay my thirsts on, Bill is not one of them (no offense, Beatrix). but the only version of Brad Pitt I would ever want to date is Tyler Durden.Don’t get me wrong; Lieutenant Aldo Raine is certainly a stand-up guy.And I can’t imagine he didn’t get a healthy bit of compensation for safely retrieving the mysterious briefcase for Marsellus Wallace.However, I’m currently trying to cut red meat out of my diet and as we all know, Jules has kind of a thing for hamburgers.But, at the end of the day, there’s a man who’s much too devoted to his work.It’s just not practical to fall in love with Lieutenant Aldo Raine, because he’ll always be far more in love with murdering Nazis than he could ever be in love with me. to be on a list written by me about terrible fictional characters that I might date!

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Thus, in the midst of insightful discourse, retrospectives, think pieces and essays examining the long-standing and controversial director, his filmography, and the implications of his latest film, I am here to offer you up on a silver platter something much more intelligent and nuanced than any of that.

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Phillip French at the Guardian describes MUD as, “Mark Twain meets Sam Peckinpah in Jeff Nichols’s exhilarating coming-of-age movie.” We couldn’t agree more about this indie film gem.

Although, if we’re being realistic, I can’t imagine he’d be very good boyfriend material.

Like, just because he knows how to pick the right song to cut a cop’s ear off to doesn’t mean he’d know how to treat me well. Blonde is, even if he is the personification of a gaping, black hole of a human being.It also seems like Bill falls for people pretty hard, to the point that he’d order his fellow assassins to kill you if you disappeared from his life for a little while and resurfaced engaged to someone else.

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