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After all, originally That series would have followed Cosgrove as she navigated the crazy world of television and stardom, but Schneider changed his mind.He wanted his main character to have more control over the story and her surroundings, so he changed the premise to Cosgrove playing the director and star of a web show. famously showed Carly and Spencer reuniting with their father, who, over the course of the entire show, had been stationed in the Navy away from home.He and the writers played with a bunch of potential monikers for his two main characters, but none of them stuck. After Josie didn’t end up being the final name, Schneider thought he might give his protagonist the name Sam.That’s right, for a while Miranda Cosgrove was going to play a character named Sam, and Jennette Mc Curdy’s character would have been named Kira.With all its likeable actors, surely one of them would go on to huge mainstream success, right? Miranda Cosgrove has done some more television acting, but her biggest role to date is as a voice in the as the characters consumed all kinds of delicious treats throughout the show.While the actors say the show’s prop department tried their best to make sure the food they had to eat was as yummy as possible, that doesn’t mean the actors enjoyed it every time.Carly and Spencer only have their father (and Spencer acts as Carly’s guardian for most of the show), Freddie only has his mother (his father was never even mentioned outside of a deleted scene), Sam’s father left when she was little, and Gibby’s father is also never seen.With all this evidence, it’s fair to say the absent parent was a theme the writers of Child stardom is an odd thing.

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Despite some of the actors (like Jerry Trainor, who played Spencer) being trained in improv comedy, they had to ask permission from the writers or the show creator Dan Schneider to get their jokes approved.Then, in the final episode, Freddie started to explain it… It seems Schneider’s promises were all just an elaborate prank, and we’ll never know the reason for Freddie’s outbursts.