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22-Jul-2020 19:41

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• Expose other users to offensive, indecent, violent, racist information, or anything that goes against the law or traditions and social customs.

• Sending spam or big junk mails that may impede or reduce the performance of the systems.

MF commits to use all available means within its reach to have an interrupted service. Controls to ensure a trusted environment MF has implement a number of mechanisms to ensure a high level of quality in the services provide form their platforms, and the main goal is that Users enjoy a trusted and secure environment.

Those are: - Pre-Control: • Anonymity: At the registration the following data is gathered: mobile telephone number and email address. The data above stated will only be used by MF to communicate with the registered users.

Nick name should not contain spaces or special characters.

The channel is #Mega Chatroom and it cannot be changed for now.

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Online Indian chat room for without registration Indian chat room.

• Photo control: The same control will apply for photos that the registered Users want to publish on their profile.