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19-Feb-2020 20:51

I was going to be one of those people and go out to buy a 0 pet cube or 0 surveillance camera just to see what my dog was up to on long work days.

With this app I can do that and more, all for .99, honestly you can't beat that.

If you’ve got an old device gathering dust in a drawer, it could save you a significant amount of money.

Keeping reading to discover several methods to using your i Phone’s camera as a webcam.

If you don’t want to use third-party apps, it’s possible to utilize Face Time for using your i Phone as a webcam.

It’s not designed to be a webcam app, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook it.

Using your i Phone as a webcam has practical benefits.

It’s never going to quite mimic a webcam in the traditional sense, but there are a few apps that’ll record the phone’s camera and send it to a Mac, a Windows PC, another mobile device, or even to the web.Dog Monitor is helping thousands of dog owners over the world handle the separation anxiety of their dogs and overcome these difficult times.Thanks to the app and this guide you can find out if your dog has anxiety symptoms such as barking, damaging furniture or attempts to escape.Face Time has one significant advantage over the third-party options: reliability.

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It’s made by Apple, supported by Apple, and runs on an Apple operating system.

And if you would like to learn more about home security, you should check out the best home security camera system and the best wireless security cameras Dan is a British expat living in Mexico.