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Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. As in the Preface to the old grammar, so in the Preface to the new, it is considered out of place to enlarge on the excellence of the methods followed ; but as the new gram- mar embraces a multitude of details that were not taken up in the old grammar, it has been thought fit that Professor Lodge should indicate the sources of the notes with which he has enriched a manual that has held its modest place for more than a quarter of a century. Many matters of importance both in Etymology and Syntax are treated in the Archiv fiir lateinische Lexikographie , and the construc- tions with individual words are often well discussed in Krebs’ Anti - ba/rbaru8 der lateinischen Sprache (6th edition, by Schmalz, 1886). The question of the correct measurement of hidden quantities is still an unsettled one in Latin ; for the sake of consistency the usage of Marx, HHUfsbuchlein fur die Aussprache der lateinischen Vokale in positionslangen Silben (2d edition, 1889) has been followed.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. Finally we desire to express our joint thanks to Dr. For the accentuation and pronunciation of Latin we have also Corssen’s Aussprache , Vocalismus urtd Betonung der lateinischen Sprache (1868, 1870), and Seelmann’s Die Aussprache des Latein (1885). The quotations have been made throughout from the Teubner Text editions except as follows : Plautus is cited from the Triumvirate edition of Kitsch l ; Vergil from the Editio Maior of Ribbeck ; Ovid and Terence from the Tauchnitz Texts ; Horace from the Editio Minor of Keller and Holder ; Lucretius from the edition of Munro; Ennius and Lucilius from the editions of L.

You’ll find the schedule, maps, and reviews of past parades on the Trout Parade website. This one-of-a-kind extravaganza is produced by the Catskill Art Society in partnership with the Livingston Manor Chamber of Commerce Check out our zany rainbow trout hats (top of photo) for parade day!

Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world’s books discoverable online.

Formation of Words 176-200 Simple Words, 179-192; Substantives, 180, 181; Adjectives, 182; Substantives without Suffixes, 183; Suffixes, 184-189; Verbs, 190-192; Compound Words, 193-200; Substantives, 194-198; Verbs, 199,200. Simple Sentence 202-471 Subject, 203, 204 ; Predicate, 205-209; Concord, 210, 211; Voices, 212-221. The “ crude form ” it is often impossible to ascertain. The root is au ultimate stem, and the determination of the root belongs to com- Digitized by Google DECLENSIONS. The stem may be of any length, the root was probably a mono- syllable.

Tenses, 222-252; Present, 227-230; Imperfect, 231-234; Perfect, 235-240; Plu- perfect, 241; Future, 242, 243; Future Perfect, 244, 245; Periphrastic, 246-251; Tenses in Letters, 252. In penna the stem is penna- ; in pennula, pennul S- ; in pennfttulus, penn&tulo- ; the root is pet (petna, pesna, penna), and is found in pet-ere,to/a& upon, tojlyat ; Greek, irer-o^ai, nrtpov ; English, feather. The case-endings are as follows, early forms being printed in parenthesis : -N.

There is zany, fishy fun planned for the 12th Annual Trout Parade on Main Street in Livingston Manor, NY!

The lineup for the 12th annual Trout Parade is well worth the trip and there’s also a fantastic lineup of performances before and after the parade.

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Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. In the preparation of this third edition of Gilder- sleeve's Latin Grammar, the office of the senior collabo- rator has been chiefly advisory, except in the Syntax. We may also draw attention to the following important articles, among others, some of which are mentioned in the books above referred to : WOlfflin’s numerous articles in the Archiv ; Thielmann’s articles in the Archiv on habere with Perfect Participle Passive, and on the Reciprocal Relation ; Landgraf’s articles on the Figura Etymologica , in the second volume of the Acta Seminarii Erlangensis, and on the Future Participle and the Final Dative, in the Archiv; Hale’s treatise on The Cum Constructions , attacking the theories of Hoffmann ( Latein- ische Zeitpartikeln , 1874) and LDbbert (Die Syntax von Quom, 1869); Digitized by Google vi PREFACE. Reg- ular Verbs, 120-167; Division, 120; Rules for f Qrming Tenses, 121. About Google Book Search Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and to make it universally accessible and useful. In the Syntax, Professor Lodge is responsible for nearly every- thing that pertains to the history of usage, but for all deviations from the theory of the old grammar we bear a joint responsibility. Hoffmann’s reply to Hale (1891), and Wetzel’s Der Streit zwischen Hoffmann und Hale (1892) ; Dahl’s Die lateinische Partikel ut (1882), with Gutjahr-Probst’s Der Gebrauch von ut bei Terenz (1888) ; Zim- mermann’s article on quod und quia im dlteren Latein (1880); Scherer’s article on quando, in Studemund's Studien ; Morris’s articles on the Sentence Question in Plautus and Terence in the A. First Conjugation, 122; Second Conju- gation,^,^; Third Conjugation, 125, 126; Fourth Digitized by Google viii CONTENTS. According to their syntactical use, the cases are divided into Cas Us Recti, or Independent Cases, and Casus Obllqul, or Dependent Cases. Google Book Search helps readers discover the world’s books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. During the progress of the work we have been cheered and aided by the encouragefnent and advice of distinguished scholars and experienced teachers, and whereas the Preface of the old grammar mentioned but two faithful helpers, Professor Thomas R. Peters, the present work has had the advantage of liberal cooperation. Professor Minton Warren, of the Johns Hopkins University, has lent us the aid of his wide and accurate knowledge of the history of the Latin language, and Professor Chapman Maupin, one of the revisers of Gildersleeve's Latin Primer, has given us the benefit of his practical experience and his acute observation. M Pease, of Leland Stanford Junior University, whose removal to the distant West interrupted a collaboration which promised valuable results, has, in spite of his arduous labors as teacher and editor, put at our service his notes on the Grammar of 1872. SECTION Conjugation, 127; Deponents, 128; Periphrastic, 129; Notes, 130, 131. According to their form, the cases are divided into strong and iceak : The strong cases are Nominative, Accusa- tive, and Vocative. Nominative and Vocative are Castls Recti, the rest Cas Us Obllqul. The case-forms arise from the combination of the case - endings with the stem . The stem is that which is common to a class of forma- tions. The stem is often so much altered by contact with the case-ending, and the case-ending so much altered by the wearing away of vowels and consonants, that they can be determined only by scientific analysis. Infinitive 419-424 Subject, 422; Object, 423; Predicate, 424. Compound Sentence 472-670 Coordinate Sentence 473-503 Copulative, 474-482; Adversative, 483-491 ; Dis- junctive, 492-497 ; Causal and Illative, 498-503.

Subordinate Sentences 504-670 Moods in, 508; Sequence of Tenses, 509-519; Re- flexive in, 520-522.

Multiplication of Predicate 326 Qualification of Predicate . 425-433 Genitive, 428; Dative, 429; Accusative, 430; Abla- tive, 431 ; with Prepositions, 432, 433. Participles 437, 438 Adverbs * 439-449 Negatives, 441-449.

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