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13-Jul-2020 23:19

Famously photo-shy singer Sia has tweeted out a naked picture of herself after learning that someone was trying to sell nude paparazzi photos of her.

The Australian singer posted the blurry nude shot which appeared to be taken without her knowledge while she was on a hotel balcony."Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans," she wrote.

The story’s seen more than 349,000 Facebook shares since Jan. If the weird references to banana peels and white supremacists didn’t tip you off, yet another reminder: EMPIRE NEWS = FAKE. A minute-long video cropped from NASA’s ISS livestream, in which happens, has been watched nearly 1 million times in the past week — apparently because the tinhats of You Tube find something suspect in it.

Per the clip’s uploader, one Streetcap1, the tiny gray speck over Earth’s horizon is an alien spacecraft (not the moon, as it appears to be) and the feed cuts out because NASA is hiding something (not because these types of errors happen with some frequency).

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I’m not sure how there’s any confusion here, but the 14-year-old quantum physicist/famous daughter is very clearly clothed.

She has explained in the past that she hides her face at times to maintain privacy and avoid a celebrity lifestyle.We provide the tools so you can flirt with winks or just identify if someone is hot or not.

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