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18-Dec-2019 21:18

All identifying information has been removed or disguised and all permissions have been secured.) Consider a professional 43 year old divorced woman who started dating after the end of a 15 year marriage. She told me she "gave good profile" and "gave good message,”  and loved doing so.After several disappointing blind dates she "got pro-active" by reading advice manuals and plotting online dating strategies with her girlfriends. Her online flirtations were long, smart, and sensual. Only when someone started to bore her because she pushed the limits of his skills at fantasy and language would she give in and meet him in person. Most times there were one or two rather disappointing dates.Closing one's eyes in sexual pleasure is perhaps partly done to preserve the fantasy merger with the other mind so the physical (facial) expression of the other cannot give clues contradictory to the fantasy." And in a sense, when you are online your eyes are always closed. Fantasies get put into words across what is a very narrow channel of information.

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In 1879, Ella Cheever Thayer, herself a telegraph operator, wrote a novel titled Wired Love (public domain, available here) about two telegraph operators falling in love by exchanging dots and dashes.This process of desire flowing from the self to the other before getting reflected back is not just present online. In fact, the experience of pleasure from these technologically-mediated encounters has the same psychological dynamic as the pleasures of sex.