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What the value of this liability to de- terioration is it is impossible to say, but no doubt it is very considerable. 65 It will be seen that the death-rates varied considerably at different periods of the war, the mortality among both Officers and men being very much heavier in the early stages of the war than in the latter. 825 June " 9,146 7 47 54 .765 5.139 5.904 July 9,214 11 29 40 1.194 3.147 4.341 August " 9,211 7 19 26 .760 2.063 2.823 September " 9,116 5 13 18 .548 1.426 1.974 October " 9,066 10 12 22 1.103 1.324 2.427 November " 8,941 7 17 24 .783 1.901 2 . '3,886 4,698 69 243 312 7.514 100,538 .686 2.417 3.103 23-27 1,922 4.612 67 253 320 6,534 92,548 .724 2.734 8.458 28-32.... But, it is to be regretted that, in most cases, their endeavors led to no satis- factory solution owing to the want of statistical materials adequately cor- rect.

The two following Tables, exhibiting the death-rates for different periods of the war, will be found interesting: Wa? Africa -* l OCO COi OJ o t-00 O 00 -t-U War Rial Sj, ivilli Reference to War in »S'. This was, no douljt, partly due to the fact that most of the heavy battles were fought during the first j'ear of the war; it is probably also true that the men had not had time to become hardened to the climate and privations necessary to all campaigns, and perhaps the medical and hospital ar- rangements were in the early stages of the campaign of an incomplete Dature. 684 December " 8,630 6 33 39 .695 3.824 4.519 January, 1901 8,458 4 31 35 .473 3.665 4.138 February " 9.570 7 29 36 .731 3.030 3.761 March " 13,922 7 25 32 .503 1.796 2.299 April " 14,173 3 32 35 .212 2.2.58 2.470 May 13,702 8 47 55 .584 3.430 4.014 June " 11,535 • 8 29 37 .694 2.514 3.208 July 10,117 7 17 24 .692 1.680 2.372 August " 9,499 3 9 12 .316 .947 1.263 September " 9,218 9 8 17 .976 .868 1.844 October " 9,060 16 3 19 1.766 .331 2.097 November " 8,860 5 14 19 .564 1.580 2.144 December " 8,736 13 42 55 1.488 4.808 6.296 January, 1902 8,485 3 35 38 .354 4.125 4.479 February " 8,524 23 36 59 2.698 4.223 6.921 March " 8,568 9 39 48 1.050 4.552 5.602 April " 7,136 3 13 16 .420 1.822 2.242 May " . 6.52 1,906 27 89 116 2,558 36,862 .733 2.414 3.146 38-37. 886 1,085 20 39 59 1,471 20,876 .958 1.868 2.826 38-42 53 215 3 11 14 267 4,090 .733 2.689 3.422 43-47 18 61 7 1 8 79 1,305 5.364 .766 6.130 48 and upwards 7 8 2 2 15 231 8.658 8.658 5,923 12,515 193 638 831 18,438 256,460 .753 2.488 3.241 If the rates for ages beyond age 42 are omitted where the facts are too few to enable us to draw any conclusions, we notice tliat the death- rate from wounds appears, as might be expected on the whole, to remain about the same for all ages, the tendency perhaps to slightly increase with the age. In solving such a question, care should of course be taken not to jump to the hasty conclusion by simply looking at the number of soldiers standing on the one side.

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van Schevichaven 888 ijber die Hauptbestimmungen der jieuen schwedischen Versicherungsgesetze. The population of Ire- land was not included in the census of 1801 ; but for that year there I have taken, as near enough for the present purpose, the mean between the results of ISll and those of an enumeration in the year 1T92, given, on the authority of Thomas Xewenham, in the Encyclopaedia Britannica, vol. In a parallel column are shown, for a reason which will be apparent later, the similar figures for England and Wales only. tion should be pursued," we are not surprised to learn that the result '*' proved, to a considerable extent, deficient and unsatisfactory." At the next census, in 1831, inquiry as to age was abandoned, except in so far as to attempt to distinguish between " males above and under twenty." It is of greater importance for our present purpose to note the further fact that no national system of registration of births, deaths, and marriages, existed until the year 1836. En mirant le sujet au point de vue assurance l'auteur montre qu'il serait tout a fait errone de prendre I'expe- rience combinee des officiers et hommes comme base de primes. 73 Une carte pour chacune des 19,269 vies sous observation a ete ecrite et les listes donnees montrent les exposes au risque, en groupes d'age et en mois de dur^e d'exposition.

Trivett 572 iv Table of Contents PAGE Developpement de TAssurance Vie, Assurance dite "Assessment," Soci^tes Fratcrnelles, Assurances centre les Accidents, Assurances garantissant la Responsabilite civile des Patrons, Assurances centre la Maladie, Capitaux Differes, Rentes Viageres, Pensions de Retraites pour la Vieilesse, Pensions d'Ouvriers, et toutes autres operations necessitant I'avis des Actuaires; ce que Ton peut constater en Belgique. Blackadar 604 ijber das Wachstum der deutschen Lebensversicherung. Ernest Woods 690 On the Growth of Life Assurance in Japan. Henry Picquet 724 Vorlesungen iiber Versieherungs-Wissenschaft an deutschen Hochschulen. Young 750 Notiz betreffend den Unterricht der Versieherungs-Wissenschaft auf der Universit Jit. Moser 760 On Instruction given in Universities and Colleges on Actuarial Subjects. De Boer 763 The Protection of Life Policies against the Claims of Creditors. 808 Note sur les dispositions de la legislation francaise relatives a I'assurance sur la vie au profit de la femme et des enfants. 829 Des lois actuellement en vigueur pour la protection des Spouses et des enfants, en tant que beneficiaires de I'assurance sur la vie, contre les reclamations des cr^anciers. Lefort 8rr- Sehutz der Frauen und Kinder als begitnstigte Personen in der Lebens- versicherungs-Police. Eickman of the county of Essex from 1812 to 1830, we find the author unable to make a more precise statement than that " a greater or less increase of the measured vitality in England, within the last half century, appears to be upon the whole unquestionable." He has also to comment on " the wretched sys- tem under which the records of births and deaths are kept in this coun- try," and to say that " we are lamentably deficient in this respect, from the carelessness with which such matters are legislated upon, and from the unjustifiable neglects tolerated by established custom in the records of life and of death ; hence the numerous fallacies and contradictions with which our periodic returns of population are replete, as also the clumsy averages which, in despair, and from mercantile habit, we are satisfied in admitting." In these circumstances it seems to me futile to dwell longer upon the pre-registration period, by whicli I mean the years prior to the Eegis- tration Act of 1836. Es wird dann hervorgehoben, daps der Autor besonders begiinstigt war, indem er die Erfahrungen von circa 20,000 kaiserlichen Freisassen und Freiwilligen genau beobachten konnte, die ihr Leben wahrend des siid-afrikanischen Krieges versicherten.

614 Die Entwickelung der deutschen Arbeiter-Versicherung. Hugo Meyer 625 The Progress of Provident Institutions in the United Kingdom. James Chatham 671 The Growth of Accident and Employers' Liability Insurance in Great Britain. Strong 682 Old Age and Workmen's Pensions in Great Britain and Ireland. 708 On the Instruction given in Canadian Universities on Actuarial Subjects. Sanderson 720 De I'instruction donnge en France sur les sujets traites par les actuaires. 850 Table of Contents v PAGE Uber die Rechte der begiinstigten Frau und Kinder aus der Lebensversiche- rungs-Police, speziell den Gliiubigern des Kontrahenten gegeniiber. van Schevichaven 854 Lois actuellement en vigueur en Espagne pour la protection des epouses et des enfants, en tant que beneficiaires de I'assurance-vie, centre les recla- mations des creanciers. Maluquer y Salvador SG8 Laws Protecting Life Insurance against Creditors. There, after the expendi- ture of considerable labor in a comparative study of the Carlisle and Northampton tables and some observations by Mr. Enfin l'auteur fait remarquer qu'il y a au moins trois methodes qui ont ete adoptees pour taxer la guerre avec des primes et il espfere que les statistiques rassembl6es pourront aider a fixer une juste evaluation de la prime additionnelle requise. RISIKO IX KRIEGSFALLEX, MIT BESOXDERER BEZUGXAHME AUF DEX KRIEG IX SUD-AFRIIv A 1899-1902. Der Bericht fjingt damit an, darauf hinzuweisen, dass das Risiko in Kriegs- fallen nothwendiger Weise ein verschiedenes sein muss in verschiedenen Liindern, und fiihrt dann fort, die bisher eingetretenen diversen Risikos zu beschreiben, wobei die Thatsache erwiihnt wird, dass eine besondere Sorte von Risiko als besonders prominent in dem Kriege zwischen den Vereinigten Staaten und Spanien auftrat, und dann audi in dem spiiteren Kriege in Siid-Afrika, welches Risiko auf die Frei- willigen Bezug hat, die nicht zur reguliiren Arniee gehoren und nach dem Kriegs- Schauplatze entsendet wurden.

1902, the end of period of observation 5,923 Total months of exposure to risk 250.450 Average duration 13.31 months. The cards were first sorted into calendar months of the war, so as to compare with the figures given in the general mortality of the Imperial Forces, and then sorted into months of assurance for the purpose of obtaining monetary results, and of tracing the effects of continued exposure to the risks of war, in order to test whether the lives became hardened against disease as time passed. ASSURED YEOMANRY AND VOLUNTEERS Summary in Calendar Months. 76 The Rislc-Rate of the Late China-Japanese Ifar {Kotaro Schida). The first engagement on land took place in Corea in July, 1894, to be followed by fifty battles on more or less extensive scale, and many scores of skirmishes, that lasted over sixteen months.

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For the purpose of obtaining the Exposed to Eisk the age was taken as age next birthday at entry; the date of entry was taken as the first day of the month in which the policy was issued. The list was only terminated by the battle in Formosa in October, 1895. PROCEEDINGS OF THE FOURTH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF ACTUARIES HELD IN NEW YORK, UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE ACTUARIAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA, AUGUST 31 TO SEPTEMBER 5, 1903 VOLUME I PAPERS New York PUBLISHED BY THE ACTUARIAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA 1904 V. Frederick Schooling 56 The Risk-Rate of the Late Chino-Japanese War. Their experience, also, as will be seen by reference to the table of census returns already given, where it appears side by side with that of the United Kingdom, is the most important and progressive section of the whole, and bears such a relation thereto that conclusions arrived at from an examination of its character may be taken as substantially correct for the United Kingdom generally. dann die Freisassen und drittens die Colonisten, und eine Tabelle wird angefiihrt, welche unter Anderem die Sterbe-Rate pro 1000 und pro Jahr von Offizieren und Mannschaften getrennt angiebt, sowie die Rate fiir die gesammte Erfahrung zusammengenommen. " .78 .77 .38 .36 .78 Apr., " .77 May " 38 June " 4 1.42 1.78 30870 12 21 33 .39 .68 1.07 July, 1901 Auff.